Today’s meeting

Now a days mobile application and web market is getting saturated. Just because there is so many product in the market.
If you want to establish your own product , you have to think differently. Most of the case product are not fit to the market just because of they are not dealing with new thought. Same old stuffs into new wrap.
Side by side we also discussed on our own application “Dialogue” and how we can improve employee interaction. We are using this application as our internal use only. To some extend this application is successfully to delivered user’s thought. Along with that this application need some extra improvement to become a good product. One this functionality is notification. It is vary much easy to understand that you got a new message if there is functionality call notification. Otherwise you have to refresh you the page. One of our friend suggested introduced the auto refreshed functionality. So come to the point on employee interaction. I suggested to use Facebook or Whatsapp. But Nikhil sir suggested us to use dialogue for this purpose.
At the next part of the discussion Nikhil sir told us how to improve you coding skills.  Actually there is a difference between developer and programmer. What I believe if you are working as a programmer you have to concern about you line of code. Side by side developer is different. Developer means add your own thought process, your understanding about
the product and its pros and cons. So one company will deliver its own product only all programmer will work as a developer. May be we will take a wrong way but you have to think as a developer , on top of that as a end user. So tomorrow we will sit on together and discuss over this topic.


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