Entertainment in Washrooms (part2)

One of the many ways to install a music system within the washroom is to install high quality in-ceiling bathroom speakers. Usually round in shape, these can be flush mounted inside the ceiling cavity of the bathrooms and connected to a music system that play any kind of music .
Some speakers also come with hidden ratio that play AM or FM ratio or even one’s favourite music collection. Contrary to general option, since the speaker can flush mounted, they stay well away from any kind of water and moisture. Many companies also offer the service of a slick remote control that allows the user to choose any setting to suit the mood of the space.
Not satisfied with simple speakers, today several companies have also begun integrating music system into the washrooms. Take for instance, Kohler’s VibrAcoustic Bath. Along with the bathing experience, music and sound vibration make the tub an ergonomic option for leisurely use. A digital control panel allows  the user to select the tub level, water temprature and one of four instrumental composition. The music is pipe under through one stereo system and played into the atmosphere through a second .One also has the option of listening to a personal collection by simply operating an mp3 player through the system. Adding to the drama are ‘chromatherapy’ lights that are choreographed according to the music player.
Another product from Kohler is the popular Moxie range. Moxie essentially refers to the entire showerhead that combine the delivery of water and music. With installed Bluetooth-enabled wireless speaker, the shower syncs with any bluetooth-enabled device like smartphones and mp3 players. To add to this, the spaeakerpod can be detached from the showerhead to use across the bathroom and any other space within a  range of 32 feet. Power is given by lithium rechargeable battery that runs up to seven hours. The slower also includes a USB charging cord.


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