Entertainment in Washrooms

Washrooms are beyond focus of the various option available to set up a complete washroom entertainment system for the techno-savvy customer.

The washrooms has always been the go-to place for user to relax, rejuvenate and essentially be alone with their thoughts. It has always been considered a space that takes one away from the worldly realities. Probably, that is why nowadays so much attention and focus is been giving to the design of the space. So while some people prefer to retreat into the washrooms to mull over life and it’s happening, essentially shutting out the world, others want to brings the world into their washrooms without added attention to other propel. And ,observing this trend, hospitality majors and builders, have started upping the ante to provide their guest with the best quality experience possible.
Getting techno-savvy.
Suddenly, using the washroom is no more about just peace and relaxation. As technological innovations take over the world, the idea of electronics in this space being dangerous is more a worry. With ‘smart’ technology that surround us every day, the need is for as many gadgets as possible, everywhere we go – even in the bathroom. Customers prefer to listen to their favourite music or watch videos and movies while bathing or relaxing in the Jacuzzi. The bathing experience is no more invigorating with just high-tech water jets and temperature or even chromotherapy, the modern customer needs an incorporated television or even mp3 player while showering, sometimes even synchronised with LED lights in the shower.

It is, therefore, no surprise that today’s number of product with entertainment features are being introduced into the space and being continuously upgraded.Whether it is home automation, music systems, a complete media unit or television, a customer can now gain access to any of this and more.

The sound of music.
We’ve all heard of the concept of bathroom singing. It is said that people sing in the bathroom because the hard wall surface and lack of soft furnishing create a pleasing acoustic environment. The multiple reverberations from the waist enrich the sound of one’s voice. The same rule possibly applies to music that is played within the four walls of this space.


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