Opportunities are Immense

In India, there are around 88 million household which are deprived of the grid. And then there are 30 million households which receive erratics power supply. Undoubtedly, there’s a vast potential to be tapped assert Mandeep Singh (mandeep@dlightdesign.com) chief operating of dlight Energy Pvt Ltd.

The global solar lantern major, whose Indian operations are centred at Delhi, has been a pioneer in reaching out to the grid-deprived rural folk. Back in 2008 dlight transformed the lives of residents in Orissa’s new Keringa village by distributing its Nova Solar Lantern. So successful was this endeavour that the village’s inhabitants permanently discarded their hazardous kerosene lamps in favour of dlight solar lanterns.

According to Singh the biggest deterrent in making solar powered products popular in India is the mindset of consumer. “We are primarily focused on the people and apprising them about our products. Consumers have doubts in their minds and they start comparing solar lanterns with conventional lights. This is due to lack of awareness and one needs to encourage the consumers. Nevertheless, the company has struck to its resolve of making solar lanterns a mass product. Our marketing visits villages and educates the propel about our product. Moreover, we are also using e-couple as a marketing medium.” Notably, the company recently launched a multipurpose light named S!. “It’s the most economical solar LED lantern in the world and is priced at 399. What’s more, it comes with a six-month warranty.”

He informs that the biggest advantage with dlight’s product is that they are technologically advanced, durable and efficiently designed. “These attributes will keep us in good stead in the years to come.”


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